Cross Examination Resumes Monday

Jackson judge hears motions, cross-examination of Jackson accuser resumes Monday

The Michael Jackson jury is off today, while the judge hears some motions. Cross-examination of Jackson's accuser continues Monday.

The boy was 13 in early 2003 when, he says, Jackson molested him on two occasions in the singer's bed at Neverland Ranch. The boy says he and Jackson had been drinking, and did so frequently during that period. The prosecution says Jackson controlled the family for about a month, with his staff coercing them into praising Jackson on a videotape. That tape was to answer a documentary in which Jackson defended his practice of sharing his bed with boys. The boy said his mother soon realized they weren't free to come and go.

In cross-examination yesterday, the boy and defense attorney Tom Mesereau  grew testy. The judge ordered them to stop arguing.