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A big blue baby is turning heads in Hamilton

(Photo: Shawn Lanier/FOX19 NOW) (Photo: Shawn Lanier/FOX19 NOW)

A picture of three men at the urinals turned some heads at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, but now it’s a sculpture of a 9-foot tall blue baby coming from an egg.

It’s called Hatched-Baby, and it was created by a German artist named Wolfgang Auer.

The sculpture is capturing that attention of many who live in Hamilton and even the Director of the Fitton Center Ian MacKenzie-Thurley.

"It's shocking, it's striking, it's incredible, it's different it's new, it's blue,” MacKenzie-Thurley said.

MacKenzie-Thurley says when he first saw this sculpture, he knew it would fit the Fitton Center's theme of the year which is expect the unexpected.

Many Hamilton residents weren't expecting this “blue baby."

"I was confused," said Sara Portzman.

Merv Mariwether was able to understand it for what it was.

"Of course it's a shocker, because the first thing I said was, 'wow a blue baby,' but I know it's just art," Mariwether said.

This art has people learning about other Fitton Center projects like dressing its vision statues in hats, scarves and even leg warmers and allowing those items to be used by the homeless.

"And people who are in need of taking one can do that, but after a week she's going to wash them and donate them to charity," MacKenzie-Thurley said.

From charity work, to the bizarre blue baby and the  controversial brochure bathroom picture - people are now talking about the Fitton Center like never before.

"That's really were we want to be. We want to be starting conversations. It's not for us to be telling people what to like,”
MacKenzie-Thurley said.

Director MacKenzie-Thurley says the bathroom was a nominee for best bathroom in America.

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