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Armored carriers help local law enforcement deal with active shooters

BearCat (FOX19 NOW/Gordon Graham) BearCat (FOX19 NOW/Gordon Graham)
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As the nation watched the unfolding drama during Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernadino you may have seen how law enforcement responded to the deadly situation with specialized vehicles.

Law enforcement in the Tri-State say they have has similar hardware ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.

For those agencies that can afford the $250,000 price tag an armored personnel carrier called a BearCat is a popular piece of equipment among the nation's SWAT teams. Lt. Doug Ventre with the Clermont County sheriff’s office says it helps them perform their number one job of saving lives.

“This is a law enforcement specific armored ballistic protection vehicle,” Lt. Ventre said.

A number of armored vehicles were used in San Bernadino Wednesday.

Ventre says the BearCat is great for getting people out of harm's way.

“We can put them in the back. We can get them out of the area, get them to protection. We can use this as a shield for our own purposes,” Lt. Ventre said.

Across the river Covington Police have a 19-ton behemoth called an MRAP which stands for, Mine Resistant Armored Personnel carrier.

Assistant Covington Police Chief Brian Steffen says it's surplus hardware from the military with very specific uses.

“Active shooter scenarios or any situation that would place either personnel or citizens. We want to use it to protect those folks,” Chief Steffen said.

Chief Steffen says it was used two years ago to evacuate children from a home where their father was exchanging shots with police.

“When they drove it right a close to the front door as they could get it, loaded up the kids and got them out of there safely,” Chief Steffen said.

Just like the MRAP in Covington this BearCat is a regional asset which means it can be deployed to help other law enforcement agencies in an emergency.

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