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Browns fans react to loss against Bengals in Cleveland


The Bengals beat the Browns 37-3 and Browns fans are not happy.

FOX19 NOW spoke to some fans from each side who were watching the game here in Cincinnati. 

"The season has been tough, I mean you're coming off a seven and nine season. You think you've got a better roster than last year,” said Browns fan Paul Thiel.

"It's depressing when you have to actually lose by this much and the team looks just this consistently bad,” said Browns fan Dylan Fonner.

This season has been tough for Brown fans to watch, winning only two out of 12 games. Some fans watching the game in Blue Ash at Slatts Pub say they just don't know what to do anymore.

"I don't even know what can be done at this point. It's been year, after year, after year of just depressing seasons. I mean I hate say I'm used to it but I kind of am,” said Fonner.

As Brown fan think about the future of the team, on the other side of town Bengals fans are excited about another victory. They weren’t holding back on how they really felt about their opponent.

"This win was huge. I think we all expected it the Browns are terrible right, they're terrible but at the end of the day a win's a win,” said Bengals fan Michelle Reynolds.

"The Browns is nobody this year so we didn't have to worry about them. They was going to loss anyway,” said Bengals Tiara Shaw.

But fans say the team must stay focused moving forward. Many have the playoff and Super Bowl in sight.

"Last year I would have said, aw I don't know, but this year I really feel it. I think they are going to do awesome,” said Bengals fan Kitten Schreiver.

But first fans say it's all about next weeks' game against the Steelers.

"Next week is the big issue, so we're just worried about Pittsburgh right now." Can we do it? "Yeah we can do it,” said Shaw. 

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