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Report: Walmart disputes woman's viral story about encounter with cashier

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Walmart is disputing a customer’s now-viral video about her alleged encounter at a Pueblo, Colorado store, according to local reports.

In the video posted Friday, Paige Yore said the store cashier was having a difficult time ringing items and remembering item codes at the checkout line. Yore claimed the woman in front of her was yelling at the young male worker, who ultimately revealed that his mother had committed suicide that day.

KRDO in Colorado reports that a media relations representative told the station that Yore’s story was untrue. 

Yore’s Facebook video had been viewed millions of times and appeared on major outlets before its validity was called into question.

From KRDO:

"Walmart says it reviewed surveillance video from the store and found no evidence that there was ever any yelling, no evidence that the cashier and the woman hugged and no evidence that the woman gave the cashier money."

We’ve reached out to Walmart for more details.

Yore has not commented on the fabrication allegations. 

In a follow-up video Sunday, she thanks people for sharing her Walmart story and says it helped her in “one more step to getting to my big goal.” She ends the post by inviting people to subscribe to her weekly YouTube video channel.

Yore posted her video following the alleged encounter and included the caption “you never know who’s fighting what battle.”

“You suck at customer service,” Yore recalled the woman saying to the young cashier. “I don’t know how you ever got hired here.”

She said the woman continued to berate the struggling cashier until she decided to intervene. That’s when, Yore claims, the cashier broke down.

“This young kid just stops in his tracks behind the counter and starts crying. And he comes behind the bagging area and he just hugs me,” described Yore.

Yole said she consoled the cashier as he explained his mother committed suicide just that morning.  

“I have to pay our rent, and I have to pay our bills and I don’t even have a mom anymore,” Yore recalled the cashier saying. “And this lady is just yelling at me.”

Yore said she gave the cashier all the money from her wallet and continued to comfort him.

She finished her video by saying the encounter is proof that we should always treat people the way we want to be treated.

“That just showed me that no matter what, even if your customer service sucks, even if, whatever happens, someone is rude to you… Don’t jump down their throat. Because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about. Just like all of us, we all have stuff in our life that is hard. And some day just suck. But we just have to be thankful to be alive and treat other people like you want to be treated,” said Yore. 

The video has been viewed upwards of 22 million times on Facebook.

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