Ohio man ordered to kill 'zombie' nativity scene for second year

Ohio man ordered to kill 'zombie' nativity scene for second year
Facebook/Zombie nativity scene
Facebook/Zombie nativity scene

SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - For the second year in a row, a Sycamore Township resident is battling city officials over his zombie-themed nativity scene.

Jasen Dixon's unique display replaces a baby Jesus with a baby zombie, complete with fangs and blood spilling from its mouth.

In 2014, township officials ordered Dixon to remove the scene from his front lawn, saying he lacked the proper permits to construct such a display.

"This year I got all the paperwork and how it was wrote out, and it says as long as it's not over 200 square foot that I can have it without a permit.  It's about 65 square foot," said Dixon.

The zoning department denied his permit and ordered the creepy display to, once again, be taken down, according to a city letter posted to Facebook.

Despite that order, Dixon wrote on Facebook that the undead are here to stay.

"We were going to take it down, decided to leave it up,all the lights are re-hooked and open for business just no roof. Let's see what happens," reads a post on the Zombie Nativity Scene page.

Harry Holbert, the Sycamore Township Zoning Administrator, says that potential fines against Dixon would not occur until his court hearing.

On Sunday, Dixon posted a photo of a pamphlet he claimed a religious group dropped at the feet of the zombie baby.

"God frowns upon this manger scene," the paper read in-part.

In the page's Facebook description, Dixon says "we are not Atheist" and that the scene is a wonderful piece of artwork.

Dixon manages the '13 Rooms of Doom' haunted house. He plans to use 50 percent of funds donated to the scene toward next year's structure. The other half will go to a non-profit organization.

We have reached out to the Sycamore Township Zoning Administrator for comment.

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