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Gun sales soaring, and not because of the holidays

(FOX19 NOW/Ben Katko) (FOX19 NOW/Ben Katko)

Gun sales are soaring, and it's not totally because the holidays are right around the corner.

For one local gun shop, you could say business these days is a matter of demand outweighing supply as terror attacks at home and abroad have customers lining up for a new weapon.

At Ready Line Shooting Complex in Newtown, a lot of the racks and shelves have empty spaces.

"We're seeing everybody who has never owned a firearm before, to people who shoot religiously,” said Chris Roma, the president of Ready Line Shooting Complex.

On Tuesday, business was no different as it has been lately.

"I plan on buying one very soon,” said customer Tiffany Patterson.

Patterson was in the store looking for a gun for personal protection, largely due in part to the recent mass shootings.  She’s like so many others who have been through the shop’s doors lately looking for a pistol, rifle or a shotgun.

"Since everything's that's been going on, it definitely has made me want to come to a gun store and purchase a gun,” said Patterson.

Roma says that his store has sold three times the guns on Tuesday than they normally sell on a Tuesday, and it’s been that way for days.

Reporter:  "How many guns do you think you've put out this door in the last week?"
Roma:  "A few hundred."
Reporter:  "A few hundred?"
Roma:  "Since Saturday."

Reports on Tuesday show that stocks of gun manufacturers Smith and Wesson and Sturm Ruger have followed trend.  It’s reported that shares jumped more than five percent on Monday, on top of double-digit hikes since the shootings in San Bernardino.

"I really don't want to have high sales like we are because of an unfortunate incident.  I really don't,” Roma said.

But the reality is that Roma's shop can barely keep the shelves stocked.

"It's been a zoo - a complete and total zoo.  Every day we're getting firearms in.  More firearms leave the business than what's coming in,” Roma said.

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