Baby Thrown Out Window

Cincinnati Police charged an 11-year old boy with felonious assault, accusing him of throwing a baby from a third-story window.

According to police, the boy originally told them that he found the baby crawling around outside, and that the one-year old had fallen from the window. Police say the boy has confessed to throwing the younger child, because the baby would not stop crying.

Remarkably, one-year old Lavonta Clark suffered only minor injuries. The baby's mother, Lawanda Clark, is angry and hurt. She wonders why her son faced this danger at all, under the care of a trusted friend. Lawanda Clark is grateful, too, that the baby was just scratched and bruised, instead of being hurt much worse. Clark tells FOX19, "That was a sign, that was from the angels. The lord knew it wasn't time for my son to leave."

Clark left her baby with a family friend Saturday night at an apartment building in Mt. Auburn. According to police, eight children slept in a room with one adult, all of them friends and extended family. Police say the baby started crying shortly before 5am, waking up the 11-year old boy, who just wanted the baby to be quiet. According to police, "He became frustrated and threw the baby out the window."

Lavonta fell three stories, but landed on soft ground. Lawanda Clark does not believe the 11-year old should serve jail time, and wants someone older held accountable. She takes the incident as a wake-up call and says it will be a long time before she leaves her children in someone else's care again.

The 11-year old was cited and ordered to appear in juvenile court. If convicted, the felonious assault charge comes with at least one year in a juvenile detention center. The maximum penalty is to be held in a juvenile facility until he turns 21.