Police Trying To Determine Where Gun Came From

Police trying to determine where boy got gun that went off at school

Columbus police are trying to find out where a seven-year-old got the gun that went off in his book bag yesterday, injuring him in the hand.

A Children's Hospital spokeswoman says the boy was treated at the emergency room and released yesterday. Columbus Public Schools spokesman Andrew Marcelain says he's not sure whether Farland Dindy has returned to Leawood Elementary School today.

Sergeant David Sicilian says students were taking off their coats and getting ready for class when the 45-caliber pistol fired. Police have the gun and found a shell casing in the Dindy's bag. Police spokeswoman Sherry Mercurio says the boy told officers he found the gun while walking to school.

She says nobody has reported it stolen and officers are trying to track its origin.