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Rose: I will continue to be best baseball fan in world

Rose at his press conference Tuesday. Rose at his press conference Tuesday.

Pete Rose called the MLB commissioner’s decision to maintain his lifetime ban ‘disappointing,’ but said the move won’t weaken his love for the sport.

"I will continue to be the best baseball fan in the world,” Rose said in a press conference at his Las Vegas restaurant Tuesday.

Rose said his meetings with Commissioner Rob Manfred were cordial and acknowledged the decision put Manfred "in a tough spot."

Manfred informed Rose Monday, both verbally and in writing, that the application was denied. They previously met privately in Cincinnati during the All-Star Game and again in New York, according to Rose.

In those meetings, Manfred determined Rose did not present credible evidence of a "reconfigured life," his statement reads. 

Rose admitted he still legally and recreationally bets on horses and professional sports - including baseball.

Manfred notes that during their September interview, Rose initially denied betting on baseball currently and only later in the interview did he "clarify" his response to admit such betting.

“Some of those questions, I kind of panicked,” Rose said when a reporter asked him about the denial. 

In Tuesday's press conference, Rose described himself as a "recreational gambler" who does not bet every day. 

“Everything I do is legal. No more behind the scenes stuff that got me in trouble,” said Rose.

A MLB report reveals Rose voluntarily took a polygraph test in August, which resulted in a "no opinion" conclusion. 

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Rose thanked Manfred for giving him a chance and took full responsibility for his actions.

"Mr. Rose's public and private comments, including his initial admission in 2004, provide me with little confidence that he has a mature understanding of his wrongful conduct, that he has accepted full responsibility for it, or that he understands the damage he has caused," said Manfred.

Despite the ban, Rose can continue to make appearances in ceremonial MLB activities. However, Rose is banned from associating with any Major or Minor League Club.

There is still hope for the Hall of Fame. Manfred said his reinstatement decision has no bearing on Rose's hall of fame eligibility.

The career hits leader agreed to a lifetime ban in August 1989 following an investigation by Major League Baseball that concluded he bet on the Cincinnati Reds to win while managing the team. He applied for reinstatement in September 1997 and met in November 2002 with Commissioner Bud Selig, who never ruled on the application.

Reds President and CEO Bob Castellini  a statement on the Rose decision saying. 

"The Commissioner called me this morning prior to the announcement. We respect his decision on the matter of Pete Rose and are grateful for his diligence and the amount of time he spent on the matter. We also appreciate that the Commissioner stated that Hall of Fame consideration is a separate issue and we and the fans think he deserves that opportunity. We are pleased that we have had and will continue to have opportunities to commemorate Pete's remarkable on-field accomplishments. Any future plans to celebrate Pete's career with the Reds first will be discussed with the Commissioner and then will be communicated publicly at the appropriate time."

Rose filed for a request to Commissioner Manfred to be reinstated in March. At the time, Manfred had just been appointed Commissioner in January.

He and Manfred met at MLB's offices in New York in September, in which the commissioner said he would make a decision on Rose by the end of 2015.

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