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Surveillance image shows pair pickpocket at Norwood restaurant

Surveillance image released by Norwood PD. Surveillance image released by Norwood PD.

Norwood Police say it only took 45 seconds for two people to commit a crime at a popular restaurant over the weekend.

A man and woman entered Betta’s Italian Oven after the Crosstown Shootout Saturday and scoped out the perfect victim – a customer whose purse was hanging from the back of her chair, officials say.

"They preyed upon that poor lady. They knew exactly that she had her back turned towards them. They knew what they were doing. These guys are not rookies. These guys have done this before. They need to be caught," said Betta's owner Will DeLuca.

The man casually reached into the purse, removed the wallet and left the restaurant with his female accomplice, police describe.

"Don't leave your wallet or credit cards or anything like that in coat pockets. Make sure your purse is in your lap. And never leave it unattended," said Norwood Police Department Sgt. Mark Vicars.

The owner, DeLuca, is offering his Bengals tickets to the last home game against the Ravens as a reward for anyone who can tip off police.

Prior to the theft, the pair was spotted looking for a victim through the restaurant’s plate glass window, according to a post on Norwood Police’s Facebook page.

The suspect immediately went to an area Target store and charged up a thousand dollars in purchases, according to police.

The department released photos of the suspects caught on surveillance cameras. They’re asking anyone with information about the suspects to call Detective Jeff Barger of the Norwood Police Department at 458-4540.

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