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Warm weather puts a chill on some area businesses

(FOX19 NOW/Gordon Graham) (FOX19 NOW/Gordon Graham)

The past few weeks have brought some of warmest temperatures on record across the Tri-State.

Despite how good the warm weather is, it's affecting those who make their living removing snow.

At Ground Takers Lawn and Landscaping in Kennedy Heights they've got 60 tons of salt on hand.  That's enough to carry the company through 12 average snow events, but so far this season there have been no snow events so the salt and the company's plows are sitting idle.

Company owner, Roger Mitchell says it's too early to panic. “We don't expect a lot of snow in December so we're good.”

Mitchell says he plans for the long haul. “You look at it over five or ten years. You're going to have 3, 4, 5 really good years and some slow years so it balances out.”

Mitchell buys his salt from Ewers & Sons which supplies a number of area snow removal companies.

Some years they sell more than 20,000 bags of salt in December, but this year sales have slowed.

Office manager, Jennifer Garrison, says however a lot of their customers have already stocked up. “

We've got an early buy program that everyone, that a lot of our customers take part in and that usually starts in September and ends in November so we do sell a lot of salt before winter even starts,” Garrison.

Ewers and Sons also sells building and landscaping supplies so they're not entirely dependent on the sale of salt and fortunately for landscapers, like Mitchell, salt doesn't go bad so what's left over can be used next year.

If this warming trend continues throughout the winter company owner, Mitchell, says he's not going to starve and he'll have more time to spend with his family.

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