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Covington woman says she's innocent in food stamp fraud

(FOX19 NOW/Shawn Lanier) (FOX19 NOW/Shawn Lanier)

A Covington woman accused of a $400,000 food stamp or SNAP fraud controversy says she's innocent.

Phyllis Tyler is at the center of this food stamp fraud controversy. She says since 2012 she's been battling the same situation with the Covington police department and the Kenton County Prosecutor.

"I want to go to court,” said Tyler. “I want to be indicted." 

Now she will have her day in court.

The indictment claims that Tyler would buy customers' food stamp cards for half of their value in cash. The customers could then use that cash for anything they wanted, and and Tyler would use the food stamp cards at a local Kroger and Sam's Club for her own personal use.

In all the indictment says she's received directly or indirectly more than $400,000.

"I cannot say I did not allow to with me and they used their card under my membership,” said Tyler.

She does denies buying cards.

"USDA said $650 was purchased by someone within this establishment did not say Phyllis Tyler,” said Tyler.

She goes on to say that the USDA addressed the letter to the owner of the store which is her husband.

Tyler provided FOX19 NOW with a document where one woman claims she lied to police about Tyler buying food stamp cards and then in another statement admitted it was actually her who bought the cards and not Tyler.

Tyler said she believes this is the work on one man, "Crooked, corrupt Covington Police Dave Coots."

She says Covington police searched her husband's store and arrested her in August 2014 and Kenton County didn't indict her then.

Tyler also has documents that showed harassment complaints about Covington police.

After all of this Tyler will get what's she's been asking for her “day in court.”

Tyler says she will get her day in court this Thursday.

FOX19 NOW did reach out to the Covington Police Department, Kenton County Prosecution's Officer, and US State Attorney Kerry Harvey for a comment or statement but our calls have not been returned.

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