Cincinnati vs. Kentucky is So Close

You can't blame fans for jumping the gun a little bit.

Part of the magic of "March Madness" is filing out your brackets and predicting who will advance. So what's wrong with fans getting excited over a potential second round game between Cincinnati and Kentucky?

"I think it will be a great game," UK fan, Bob McHendrix, says. "Good for the local area, good for both schools."

And good for selling tickets. With the game less than two hours away in Indianapolis, tickets are going fast. Especially at UC, where several hundred students tried to get 55 pairs of tickets that went in a lottery Monday. "It would be a big game," Chris Mohr, UC student said while he waited in line.

"It would settle a lot of answers," Nick Wilkerson, UC student says, "everybody bickering back and forth to who is better. I think this game would finish it."

But first Cincinnati has to beat Iowa and Kentucky has to beat Eastern Kentucky on Thursday.