Cincinnati Mills Brings Business and Traffic

Folks from all over the Tri-State are heading out to Fairfield to shop at the Cincinnati Mills mall.   People seem to love the new stores and restaurants...
but they aren't as excited about all the traffic they're causing....   
   The city of fairfield says cincinnati mills is bringing people not just to the mall but to other businesses and restaurants all over the city.
    It's speeding up the city's growth...but it's slowing down traffic.  We interviewed drivers during rush bad is traffic in this area off 275 in Fairfied.   It wasn't too bad monday evening...but drivers say the work week rush hour really isn't the problem.  People seem to think there's one major reason these roads are jammed with cars on the weekend.
     City leaders seem to agree----the mall is helping Fairfield's economy to boom.   They say the mall as well as expansions at cincinnati financial, and merci hospital as well As other successful development projects....are helping this city to grow at a remarkable speed...At the same time...all the growth "is" putting the breaks on traffic.  City leaders know something must be done...but they aren't racing to make changes.

"These kind of things take a lot of time if you start changing things ultimately they can make the project worse," says Dave Crouch the Fairfield Customer Services Mangager.