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Faith leaders fighting city ban on gay to straight conversion therapy

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The group, Citizens for Community Values, is fighting against the ban of LGBT conversion therapy. 

Cincinnati became the first city to ban LGBT conversion therapy for minors on Dec. 9, after a Cincinnati City Council committee voted 7 to 2 to ban conversion therapy.

Citizens for Community Values hosted a seminar Friday at Central Parkway Church of God with the goal of teaching people how to teach
how to help those with quote "unwanted same-sex attractions." 

City councilman Charlie Winburn voted against the ban and says the ordinance is actually harmful to children.

Winburn says he and other opponents of the ban will fight back.

“We are planning to bring a lawsuit. Now I plan to send the mayor and city council a letter next week and give them a chance to cease and desist,” Winburn said.

Psychotherapist David Pickup says he blames Cincinnati's openly gay councilman, Chris Seelbach, who Pickup says has an agenda.

“This ordinance was passed primarily through the lies and misleading or cherry picking of information reported to the city council by Councilman Chris Seelbach,” Pickup said.

Seelbach posted a tweet which reads in part "In June a unanimous jury found that a gay to straight conversion provider called JONAH committed "consumer fraud and engaged in unconscionable consumer practices by offering services it claimed could turn gay people straight."


Melissa Ingraham, a licensed counselor, says she broke free from a same sex relationship explains how the therapy works.

“I want to find out how they make sense of their unwanted same-sex attraction then we would be able to talk through that, pray through that and really allow Jesus to come in.” Ingraham said.

Supporters of the ban, like Rev. David Meredith, say conversion therapy is harmful.

"Reparative therapy begins with a judgement of children that they are not OK as they are and in that pre-judgement reparative therapy tries to fix them and fix their families and in fact that is very dangerous to many children,” Meredith said.

Councilman Chris Seelbach says if ban opponents want to sue - he claims he's ready for a fight and he predicts they'll lose. 

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