Hinckley Buzzards

They're Back! This is Buzzards Day in Hinckley

In a traditional sign that spring is coming, the buzzards returned to Hinckley in northeast Ohio today.

The man known as the "official spotter" for the Cleveland Metroparks saw his first official buzzard of the season at 8:43 a-m. Spotter Bob Hinkle says spring, which officially arrives Sunday, can't be far off. According to legend, Hinckley's flock of buzzards returns to their roost about 20 miles southwest of Cleveland from somewhere south every March 15th. The story goes that when settlers conducted a hunt for livestock predators in December 1818, the carcasses froze that winter and buzzards feasted during the mid-March thaw. The birds, also known as turkey vultures, may actually return earlier.

However, by tradition, the Metroparks system says only a sighting by the official spotter on March 15th counts.