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Police: Hyde Park flasher threatens to kill woman if she doesn't watch him


Timothy Madden is in a Hamilton County jail cell Monday awaiting trial for public indecency, among other charges.  

At least two victims tell police Madden exposed himself at an Oakley area apartment complex on Brookstone Drive. The victims were targeted, according to police while they were using the complex gym.

Court records show the victim told police she was followed from the gym to her apartment by Madden on December 2. He then allegedly confronted the victim in a ski mask saying, “Do you like what you see? Do you want to see my d---”

Police tell me the situation got worse from there where Madden allegedly threatened the victim. The victim told police Madden said, “I’m going to kill you with my gun if you don’t watch me j---”

The victim ran and called for help but Madden took off. He would be later spotted at the complex again about 12 days later according to court documents. Police were called on December 14, where they chased Madden and  then arrested him.

He’s also facing charges for criminal trespassing, aggravated menacing, and obstruction of justice. That arrest lead to another victim coming forward and saying she too was flashed by Madden at that apartment complex. The victims identified him before he was taken away by police.

Detective Charles Zopfi, who is investigating the case, said Madden has no criminal history -  not even a speeding ticket. There were items found in his car, but Zopfi would not go into detail.

He would only say, “all the items were designed to conceal ones identity or evidence.”

Police questioned Madden for two hours, but he denied all the allegations.

The first victim he never spoke to, the second he confronted with a ski mask, threatened and items were found in his car.

Police said this recipe is not a good one. “It goes to show it was progressively moving toward some type of violent act. And we were fearing this could have resulted in some type of sexual assault,” he said.

Both victims are OK and were never touched, according to reports.  

Zopfi said there may be more victims.

He is encouraging them to come forward. Call him at 513-979-4400 at Cincinnati Second Police District 2, 3295 Erie Ave.

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