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'It just sucks the joy out of everything': Teacher says school banned Hello Kitty tree

(Facebook/Catherine Gordon; CC Flikr/Janet) (Facebook/Catherine Gordon; CC Flikr/Janet)
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A high school teacher in Maine claims she was forced to say ‘bye’ to her classroom’s Hello Kitty Christmas decor.

Catherine Gordon said the principal of Bangor High School banned her artificial pink Christmas tree adorned with the popular toy cat.

“I feel that this is definitely a turning point in our society - when everything offends everyone all the time - it just sucks the joy out of everything,” Gordon wrote in a Dec. 18 Facebook post.

The math teacher posted that she has decorated her classroom for the past 30 holiday seasons.

“The tree had no religious symbols on it whatsoever. No crosses or angels - just pink Hello Kitties and my students really enjoyed it and it cheered me up during the day,” Gordon wrote.

WLBZ reports that the Bangor School Superintendent issued a statement saying holiday cultures and traditions must be tied to the educational curriculum.

After Gordon's story spread online Monday, she posted an update to Facebook saying the principal allowed her tree to be put back up in the classroom. 

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