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Skiers flock to Perfect North on first day of winter

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The recent warm weather has turned the grass green beneath some of the ski lifts at Perfect North ski resort, but just a few hundred yards away that green grass is covered with a layer of man-made snow.

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“It feels great actually. It's kind of like spring skiing and good snow and a good way to get a little bit of energy out so that we're not in the house bouncing off the walls,” said Katie Desmond, of Cold Spring, Ky.

Overnight temperatures during the weekend dipped low enough to turn on the snow making machines at Perfect North and General Manager, Chip Perfect, says they made enough snow to open on this first day of Winter.

“We decided literally Monday morning that we thought maybe we had enough to push it out and connect the piles of snow and that we would try to have some fun on it before it melts,” said Perfect.

Kristen Villarreal, of Cypress, Texas, says the snow is an early Christmas gift.

“It's pretty good. It's a little wet in some areas, but again like I said on a day like today you can't beat it. It's really a lot of fun,” Villarreal said.

Bob Crownover, of Pleasant Ridge,says it’s a welcome surprise.

“I think it's great. You know it's a little heavy snow. It gets a little slushy after lunchtime,” Crownover said.

The snow is a little thin in some spots and non-existent in others, but there's enough for these skiers to have a good time.

Nick Hanover of Colorado Springs, Colo., says it’s a lot of fun.

“It's not the worst snow in the world. They got a decent layer you can actually ride right now. It's pretty fun,” Hanover said.

It's not clear how long this snow will last at Perfect North.

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