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Holiday trash eye candy for thieves

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On Christmas morning, you'll probably wake up to a nice delivery from Santa under your tree. But, you're not the only one excited about what's in the box you unwrap.  

"Just take a little bit of extra time and protect yourself,” said Cpl. Frank Gentile of the Delhi Township Police Department.

It's that time of year.

It's the time when you're celebrating, but the thieves are lurking.

"We try to double bag or we get black bags for our Christmas gifts,” one Christmas shopper told FOX19 NOW.

Police suggest you be very careful about how you throw away the packaging from your cool, new gifts.  That's because Christmas season thieves are hunting and scoping places like the curb out front of your home for clues about your shiny, new stuff.  

"Big boxes that aren't cut up.  Big boxes that show what the items are.  Lots and lots of boxes because obviously you got lots and lots of gifts,” Gentile said.
In Delhi Township, Gentile says they've seen the after-Christmas thievery in the past.

“You've got to remember, a thief doesn't pay for the item.  Whatever money they get out of it, that's 100% profit,” Gentile told FOX19 NOW.
So what can you do to not be ripped off and deflated of your holiday cheer?

Gentile says  instead of putting that box from your new TV or other expensive gift on the curb, make sure you cut the box into small pieces to fit into a trash can.  

Also, write down serial numbers for items and taken a photo of the item.  It’s also suggested to think about insuring something that is ultra-expensive, and also take a photo of it.  Copying serial numbers and taking photos of the items will help police if they do end up stolen.

"They watch when you leave.  They watch when you come home.  Protect yourself as best as you can,” Gentile said.

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