Shooting Near Tri-State Elementary School

Some parents in Covington are afraid to send their kids to school Wednesday.  That's because bullets were flying Tuesday afternoon right outside Thomas Edison Elementary while class was in session.

There was a shooting on the corner of 15th & Scott St. in Covington, a quarter of a block away from the school, very close to it's playground and bus stop.

Two young men and a young woman were shot. One of them, 21 year old Marcus Everson, was killed.

All Thomas Edison students were inside the school building at 1:24pm Tuesday afternoon, when shots rang out on the corner.  The school went on lockdown as neighborhood parents who heard the gunfire rushed to the scene.

No children were hurt, but parents and school staff can't help but think about what "might" have been.

School officials tried to provide peace of mind, but parents say words can't shake their fear or the fear their kids will now carry as they head to school everyday.

Police do have a suspect in custody for the shooting, they have not released that suspects name or any other details about the shooting.