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Police: Man steals $149K in jewelry from a Hyde Park home

Ryszard Jaworski (PHOTO: Hamilton Co. Jail) Ryszard Jaworski (PHOTO: Hamilton Co. Jail)

Ryszard Jaworski sits in a Hamilton County Jail cell awaiting his next court date on January 13. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond, accused of stealing more than $149,000 in Jewelry from a home in Hyde Park. The heist happened in April of 2014. Police believe Jaworkski may have gotten more items had the homeowner not come home when she did.

The police report reads he broke into the first floor window of the home. Det. Charles Zopfi said he cut himself when he entered the home by force. He ended up leaving DNA evidence in spots throughout the house. Jaworski allegedly went past high end electronics and cash left in the home and went straight for the Jewelry. 

Tiffany and Company, Fendi, Rolex, Swiss Army, Impressar, and David Yurman are among some of companies that made the jewelry stolen. Police have linked Jaworski to 9 states where he committed high end jewelry theft. The states include Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Maryland and Texas. 

The crimes he is linked to in Ohio happened in Hyde Park and Youngstown. They also believe he is part of an organized crime group and he doesn’t act alone in the thefts. What’s not clear is how the home in Hyde Park became a target. 

“The best that we can determine is that him and his group scout out a specific area,” said Zopfi. “They find an area with a very affluent neighborhood. They start looking at certain houses that might be good targets. They start looking at the ones that would be the easiest to go in and out of without being detected,” he continued.

Jaworski is accused of going inside a room where the victim had her jewelry which was not locked up. He allegedly put the items in a pillow cases and left as the homeowner was pulling in. Zopfi said there have been no reports in any of the 8 other states of Jaworski harming or getting violent with the people he robs. 

He was able to get away with the stolen goods here but later caught in Houston, Texas where its reported that he stole $40,000 worth of items in that heist. He was caught when a neighbor called police after saw a man break into her neighbors home.

Police in Houston said Jaworksi almost got away because he was dressed to blend into the neighborhood. It was on Saturday, August 30, 2014 when the robbery happened. It was a hot day around 10:30 a.m. and the suspect was wearing shorts. The officer told Zopfi he almost drove past him because he didn’t think the suspect was behind the robbery. 

After he was caught, his DNA was entered into a national data base. It took about 6 months, but Zopfi was able to connect Jaworski to the Hyde Park robbery because of the incident in Houston.

Zopfi and his supervisor flew out to Houston to interview Jaworski. He reportedly told them he had never been to Cincinnati and only passed through it. He supposedly said he never committed the Hyde Park robbery. When he was pressed for more information Zopfi said he stopped speaking English and requested a lawyer.

Through checking bank records, Zopfi said Jaworski made large bank transfers to accounts overseas in Europe. The transfers were all less than $10,000 so as to not alert the IRS.

Police have not been able to identify the organized crime group they believe he is a part of. 

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