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Kara Sewell: Home for the Holidays

(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)
(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)
(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)

Christmas songs like, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ and ‘No Place like Home…for the Holidays’ ring very true when you’re 18 hours (by car) from your family. I grew up in Houston, Texas my parents and one brother still live there so it was an obvious choice to celebrate such a special holiday.

My youngest brother Jeremy lives in California, I haven’t seen him in nearly three years so when I learned he was flying in Christmas morning I was ecstatic – what a Christmas gift! It was the first time all of us (including my husband) would be under one roof since 2010! I’m using exclamation points profusely in this post because that’s how excited I was about my trip home.

My mom went all out this Christmas, I’m convinced she might be a younger version of Mrs. Claus.

My dad commented before we arrived that if it wasn’t in their kitchen it likely wasn’t anywhere in Houston; between homemade fudge, cookies and savory snacks I didn’t go hungry and probably packed on a few pounds in a matter of days. But she didn’t stop at food, the house was decked out in décor, lights and Christmas scented candles.

I am still taken back at how much our mother loves us by the effort she put in to making Christmas memorable.

We did typical family stuff like playing ‘Sorry’ (my favorite), we sipped on wine and watched "A Christmas Story."

But my favorite traditions always include tamales on Christmas Eve, manicure and pedicure with mom, a play at ‘Stages’ the night before and Christmas Eve service singing ‘O Holy Night’.

To top it off it was 85 degrees so we enjoyed most meals outside under the pergola!

As a TV news anchor who has moved all across the country I understand the value in each moment spent gathered around the tree together and while opening presents sure was fun, it was all of the tiny moments beforehand that made my Christmas so special.

Kudos to my mom for making our own Christmas miracle.

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