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Kara Sewell: Bailey's 1st Plane Ride

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(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)
(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)
(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)
(FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell) (FOX19 NOW/Kara Sewell)

I love to travel!

If I had more money I would call it a hobby but other than a few car rides anytime my husband and I fly we leave the dog at home.

This year, my mom wanted family portraits at Christmas so we decided to spring for the airfare and bring Bailey on her first plane ride.

It isn’t cheap to fly a dog on United Airlines and frankly, I can’t believe it’s so expensive when she’s supposed to sit under the seat in front of you.

Getting Bailey through security was easy, she charmed the TSA agents and anyone standing in line around us. I carry the sweet pooch in a tiny pouch my mom bought for me on Amazon, she’s often mistaken for a baby until passersby look closely and see all the fur.

When it was time to board I placed her into the airline approved carrying case and she went crazy.

I’m sure she was thinking, hey! I was doing just find in my swing. Fortunately, our flight attendants were nice enough they allowed me to keep Bailey on my lap during the plane ride until we landed.

I’m not sure if they did it for me or the other passengers on board because the poor thing sounded like a howler monkey and I’m afraid those noises were worse than a dozen crying children. Sorry people!

On the way back was a different story, in addition to being delayed for hours our flight attendant would not allow me to take the dog out of the carry case despite how much Bailey protested and trust me passengers were looking at us.

About halfway through the flight she finally calmed down but her sad face was so pathetic.

I’m not really sure why it’s a problem to have an 8 pound dog sit on your lap quietly and look out the window but I will just chalk it up to following FAA rules sort of stinks and not everyone is a fan of dogs.

(What?!) My suggestion, pick up your dog’s food and drink at least two hours prior to the flight to prevent them from being uncomfortable or having an accident. And cross your fingers for a lenient flight attendant. Overall, she did well and I would travel with her again but I’m just not sure Bailey wants to go back under that seat.

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