Government Raids Tri-State Company

Dozens of local and federal investigators took over a tri-state based herbal supplement company Wednesday.

Berkeley Nutraceuticals has become a financial power house in just a few years thanks in large part to sales of the highly advertised enzyte supplement. FOX19's Gene Cox reported that it's estimated that Berkeley Nutraceuticals brings in more than 300 million dollars annualy.

There are more products than the ones we see in TV ads. However, it's the selling practices that have apparently gotten the attention of the feds. A character named Smiling Bob is likely the way most of us know Berkeley Nutracueticals most popular supplement. At the company's Cincinnati headquarters in Forest Park there was no one smiling.

Employees in the parking lot couldn't believe more than a half dozen enforcement agencies including the FBI, U.S. Postal inspectors, and the IRS raided the offices around 9 Wednesday morning.

An employee who didn't want FOX19 to disclose his identity says the riad is a moment in his life he will never forget. The employee says the feds weren't after the phone call takers for sexual enhancement products like Enzyte and Avlimil. He says they seemed to be focusing on management offices.

Most of the 700 or so employees at three Cincinnati locations were told to go home and come back Thursday. The FBI may not be able to discuss it but it was easy to tell from the street that the investigators are planning to seize truckloads of documents. No arrests were made.

This isn't the first time Berkely Nutraceuticals and its owner Steve Warshak have come under fire. Some call their Enzyte adds distasteful and their free supplement offers dishonest. FOX19 wanted to get the company's take on all this but were not able to reach anyone for comment.