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Local shelters preparing for homeless as colder weather arrives


With snowflakes on the way and temperatures that can dip into the teens, it can spell trouble for the homeless exposed to the harsh elements.

The Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky is hoping to get people off the streets and out the cold.

"Our mission is we're lifesaving in the winter and life changing in the summer. We live our mission in the winter so that we don't want anybody to die of exposure in all of Northern Kentucky,” said shelter Executive Director Kim Webb.

Temperatures next week are expected to fall into the teens by Monday, and wind chills could dip into the single digits. Workers and volunteers at the shelter say they've seen an uptick in residents, even during this mild winter.

"I anticipate more and more individuals that don't necessarily have a stable housing situation that are seeking shelter."

The shelter provides clothing, food, a place to sleep and a hot shower. Its things residents are grateful for. 

"It's awesome because without it we'd probably be dead freezing to death,” Anna Skelton.

Anna Skelton has been homeless for four years. She says this is her first year out in the cold. It's a reality those seeking refugee know all too well.

"I use to sleep in Latonia, still have my camp that I built. I always slept outdoors, always did but here in the last two years that I've been coming here I finding it more easier for me to be at the shelter,” said Noah Baker.

The shelter has a set number of people that it takes in, but when brutal cold weather makes its way to town, they try to help everyone.

"But when its below freezing we work hard to make sure that those who need shelter in northern Kentucky that they get shelter that they have a place to come,” said Webb.

The shelter is open to men and women in Kentucky. The hope is to give a peace of mind to those seeking warmth.

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