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Bengals counterfeit ticket concerns


Unless you plan on purchasing season tickets for next year, Saturday's Bengals game against the Steelers is a sellout.

Tickets are in such high demand the Hamilton County Sheriff's is warning that ticket scammers may be selling fakes.

"They're very good at the job that they do," spokesperson Mike Robison warned.

Robison says earlier this season deputies busted a counterfeit operation. They confiscated dozens of fake tickets, that if authentic would have been worth thousands of dollars.

He said similar scams have been reported all across the country .

"That target has shrunk with just 4 games this weekend, so again, we really plead with people to really be aware and do their homework," added Robison.

Since the game is a sellout, fans looking for tickets will likely turn to third party sites. As of Monday night, FOX19 NOW found hundreds of seats still available online.
Robison says before you make a purchase, check with the Better Business Bureau or read other customer reviews to make sure it is a reputable re-seller.

If you decide to wait and buy tickets the day of the game, Robison says buyer beware. "You are rolling the dice if you are out here on the street and you just see an individual selling a ticket. Again, you are taking your chances that you're going to be walking up to that gate and turned away unfortunately."

Fake tickets may not be the only issue fans encounter this weekend. Security is also a big concern.

Robison says the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Cincinnati Police, the NFL and the Bengals are all working together and meeting throughout the week. He says there will likely be an increased police presence and fans should be prepared for longer lines to get inside.

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