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Local concern with President Obama's executive action

(FOX19 NOW/Shawn Lanier) (FOX19 NOW/Shawn Lanier)

The executive action delivered from President  Barack Obama has people taking action right here in Cincinnati.

They are unsure what the future holds.

An Indiana man says one incident changed his whole life.

"I was approached from some guy around the truck and wanted money," said Robert Irons.

It's a day Irons will never forget

"And my wife was with me and we felt vulnerable,” said Irons.

He was robbed at a rest area with no way to protect himself, and now he's planning to get his conceal carry permit and doesn't want to wait.

"I want to get it now because we're talking about the new regulations, and I don't know what's to come down the road."

Those new regulations are coming from President Obama.

Target World says it's seen a significant increase in firearms sold in the past few weeks and they point to the talk of the possible regulation.

"People are afraid that they might not be able to get what they want this year, next year, or what have you. So they're coming in and buying now,”
said Jon Villings.

Jon goes on to say it's all about the Second Amendment.

"Shall not be infringe. We already have gun law, that in and of itself is infringement," Villings said.

Other feel this is what’s needed.

"It really just comes down to common sense safety regulations," said Michele Mueller of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Michele has been fighting for a gun safety law since the shooting in Sandy Hook.

She has three grandchildren of her own and that tragedy had her thinking one thing.

"That we had to do something. I had been sitting on the sidelines.”

Mueller says it took countless calls to the White House, but it was all worth it in the end.

"This is a definite turning point for us," Mueller said

FOX19 NOW reached out to local law enforcement to get their take on the action and they tell say they'll have to review the executive action before they comment.

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