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Bengals success means big business

Kitty's Sports Grill owner. (FOX19 NOW/David Palmer) Kitty's Sports Grill owner. (FOX19 NOW/David Palmer)

Bengals gear is a hot commodity. The team's performance this year is making it hard to keep merchandise on the shelves.

Workers at Sports Depot, in Newport the Levee in Kentucky, say people can't get enough of Bengals merchandise.

"We got Tyler Eifert Jersey, huge demand right now. We're looking to some AJ McCarron jersey but all of our manufactures really weren't expecting the Bengals to be that well this year. Those are on back stock,” said cashier Craig Rapier.

One of the stores' biggest weeks was when the Bengals played the Steelers. This Saturday may be a repeat of that business.

"Saturday will be insane here. It will be insane,” said Rapier.

On the other side of the river. Kitty's Sports Grill is preparing for this Saturday's game. Owners say business this season has been good.

"With the Bengals doing so good, people are like, wanting to get out with their groups,” said owner Billy Watson.

Kitty’s signature orange and black "Who Dey" chips are being asked for by name. The game against Steelers will require some extra staff

"We have some extra security, extra servers,” said Watson.

In a press release Mayor John Cranley said, “To celebrate the Bengals’ fantastic season and the national coverage we will be getting, Friday, Jan. 8th is being declared “Orange and Black Day" for the City Administration. All municipal employees who can are encouraged to wear the team’s colors, and departments should make this a fun event.

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