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Local singer Jazmyn says ‘be on the lookout’

(Twitter/FOX19Jessica) (Twitter/FOX19Jessica)

Hey, hey, everyone! It's Jazzy Marie, your 2015 Cincinnati Idol winner.

With this victory, I had the privilege of auditioning for the farewell season of American Idol in Little Rock, Arkansas, last summer. It was AMAZING.

I've never traveled on a plane before and to just have that experience alone was life-changing. 

The audition was obviously nerve-wracking because this audition was important. And to see all of the talented artists there showcasing their talent made me realize how serious this opportunity was.

All in all, it was a terrific way to end my year.

Through this experience, I've made tons of friends all over the U.S. and to just sit, sing and vibe out to guitar playing with some of the most talented people in the country was an experience of a lifetime. 

Thank you, FOX19 NOW, and thank you, Cincinnati, for all of your support.

This experience has definitely gotten me one step closer to my destiny! Be on the lookout! 

- Jazzy

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