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Recipe: Chocolate covered bacon

Bacon and chocolate. Need we say more? This recipe comes from Jenco Brothers Candy.

What you'll need:

Bacon strips
Microwave safe container
Wax paper
*Serving amount needed based on quantity planned

1. Cook bacon until crisp
2. Cut each piece of bacon in half to make dipping in chocolate easier 
3. Melt enough chocolate to be able to easily submerge the half strips of bacon in the chocolate (use a microwave safe container that isn’t too much wider than a full strip of bacon)
4. Dunk a piece of cut bacon into the chocolate and make sure the bacon is fully covered with chocolate 
5. Grab the chocolate covered bacon with tongs and tap excess chocolate back into the container
6. Place on a wax paper lined tray or plate and let cool
7. For better presentation, make sure the bacon is still totally covered with chocolate. Apply extra chocolate with a spoon to the top of the bacon as needed

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