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Stykes' case 'Person of Interest' released from jail

Brittany Stykes (PHOTO: Provided) Brittany Stykes (PHOTO: Provided)

It’s been nearly two and a half years since Brittany Stykes' and her unborn baby were shot and killed along the side of a Brown County road. 

While no one has ever been charged with the murder, the only man who investigators have connected to the case, has been released from a Kentucky jail. 
Tommy Lee Lopez, 52,  was set free on Dec. 26. He served less than six months for a drug charge in Owen County. 

According to court documents obtained by FOX19 NOW, a confidential witness also told investigators that Lopez was responsible for multiple killings, including the August 2013 murder of Brittany Stykes. 

According the documents, the witness gave investigators specific details about the ambush, which happened in a car on the side of U.S. 68. 

On Wednesday, Zac Corbin, the 1st Assistant Prosecutor for Brown County, told FOX19 NOW that despite Lopez's release from jail, he remains a person of interest in the Stykes' case. 

FOX19 NOW legal analyst Mike Allen, said that is not necessarily unusual. 

"While it would appear that they have a lot of evidence already on this individual, they probably don't think they have enough yet to get an indictment,” said Allen. “You can bet though wherever he is going he is going to be under constant surveillance and  sounds like eventually they'll get enough to take it to a grand jury." 

Stykes’ family also remains hopeful someone will be held accountable. In a statement David Dodson, Brittany’s father, said: 

"We miss our sweet Brittany with every minute that passes. This is something that time is never going to heal. When we lost her, we lost part of ourselves that we can never get back and is terribly hard to live without. After almost two and a half years, it is time we have answers and justice. It won't bring our sweet Brittany back, but we need to see her and our family get justice for a loss we never should have to carry. The Lord will see us through, one day at a time." 

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