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UC joins growing list of universities restricting hoverboards

(FOX19 NOW/Gordon Graham) (FOX19 NOW/Gordon Graham)

One of the most popular gifts of the holiday season is being banned by many colleges and universities across the country.

Effectively immediately University of Cincinnati campus residence halls are no ride zones for hoverboards.

UC President Santa Ono tells says the restriction is all about concerns over safety.

“There's some safety concerns in terms of their battery. Some of them are exploding, some of them are fire hazards and so the safety of our students is really paramount,” Ono said.

Ono says it hasn't been decided if the hoverboard restriction should extend to other parts of campus.

“I'm still reviewing that. As you know skateboards are permitted on the University of Cincinnati campus so we have a group that's looking at that, but right now the ban is on the residence halls,” Ono said.  

UC and other schools may be concerned about hoverboards bursting into flames, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning last month about hoverboard injuries.

UC grad student, Marcus Carnes, says hoverboards may attract unwanted attention.

“Every single time you see someone riding around on one everyone has to look at them, you know what I mean and I just want to go about my day just blend in with everyone else,” Carnes said.

FOX19 NOW asked other UC students if the hoverboard restriction is a good idea or a bad idea?

“I think it's a good idea because they're not necessarily the most safe to have on campus or just around. I've seen a lot of people fall on them and if you're a pedestrian too it can be challenging,” Abrielle Elson said.

Alexandra Fillman says “I would say it's probably a good idea based on the fact that there's been a number of injuries lately and I know that there's some security with them blowing up in the past.”

UC officials aren't alone in their concerns over hoverboard safety.

The University of Kentucky has imposed a temporary ban on hoverboards and Miami University trying to decide whether similar restrictions should be imposed. 

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