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333-SEAT not selling tickets to Steelers fans


Making the trip from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati for Saturday’s wild card playoff game?

Do you have tickets yet?

There are still some out there, but one Cincinnati business isn’t selling them to certain out-of-towners.

"This is probably the nastiest, hardest-hitting rivalry in the NFL right now, and you get on primetime on a Saturday night - who wouldn't want to be there,” said Travis Jackson with 333-SEAT.


Who wouldn’t want to be there?

The folks at 333-SEAT don’t want everyone but Steelers fans to be there.

"We want the stadium to be pro-Bengals on Saturday.  We want to bring our first playoff victory home in 20+ years,” Jackson told FOX19 NOW.  “The boss said if we didn’t want to sell to the 412 area code we didn’t have to.”

And they’re not going to, despite phones ringing non-stop with people looking for tickets for Saturday night.  

"Everybody's been pretty cool with it.  I can't say that's everybody.  There's been one or two customers that have been disappointed,” Jackson said.

Of course, people will find ways to beat the system, but Jackson admits that not a large number of Steelers fans have called as expected to this point.  But, if they do, they’ll have to find another way inside the gates of Paul Brown Stadium on Saturday.

"Even if you've got five tickets left to sell, you're still not selling them to Steelers fans,” FOX19 NOW reporter Ben Katko asked Jackson.

"We'd rather give them to Bengals fans,” Jackson responded.

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