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Bengals playoff game brings Queen City economic success


Saturday’s playoff showdown at Paul Brown Stadium is sure to be another bright spot in what has been a big year in sports in the Queen City.

What do you get when you take the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, add it to a 12-win Bengals team complete with a fifth-straight playoff berth?

You get a perfect recipe for economic success.

"When the team wins, the city wins.  Certainly with the Bengals and the excitement that they bring, this is big.  This is a football town.  This is a baseball town.  This is a sports town,” said Julie Calvert with the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau.

In the last six months, sports have been kind of a big deal around these parts, and that has translated into economic success.

"It's been a really nice year,” said Billy DeVore with Cincy Shirts.

And that’s to say the least.

Cincy Shirts on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine knows just how good business has been lately.          

"Once we put it down on the counter, it's gone.  Everyone just comes in and snags it,” DeVore told FOX19 NOW.

That's just Bengals business at his store.

On top of the Bengals helping business citywide, add to that the $60 million that All-Star Game crowds were predicted to leave behind over the summer.  All of that has helped in the long run. 

"Every weekend we're seeing more and more people coming downtown, more and more hotel rooms getting filled, restaurants getting fuller,” Calvert said.

Of the biggest beneficiaries from the sports business are some of the spots that call The Banks home.

"The area has just been really good.  There's been a lot of interest and a lot more people coming down to The Banks,” said Kristopher Keefe who works at Jefferson Social.

It's expected that trend will continue at least through Saturday.

"It's just going to be nuts,” Keefe said.

More than 65,000 people are expected to descend upon Paul Brown Stadium for the game between the Bengals and the Steelers, with many of them stopping for a beer and a bite along the way.

It’s the next chapter in what you might call an economically successful sports year.

"People want to come to a busy place.  They want to come and see, you know, be a part of that atmosphere.  With the year that has gone on here, that's kind of provided it,” said Tom Sparling who works at the Holy Grail.

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