10 things to keep in your vehicle during frigid weather

10 things to keep in your vehicle during frigid weather

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As temperatures plummet and high winds sweep through the Tri-State it's important to keep your vehicle safe in case of a dangerous situation.

The Indiana State Police said drivers should add the following items to their vehicle in case you're faced with a dangerous situation.

  • Blankets
  • Extra warm clothes
  • A flashlight with extra batteries
  • Brightly colored cloth
  • Sand or a bag of cat litter
  • Shovel
  • Candles and matches
  • Non perishable high calorie foods
  • A first aid kit
  • Jumper cables

Officials also say the following precautions should be made during winter commutes.

  • Before leaving check the weather forecast and let someone know your route of travel.
  • Always keep your gas tank full when driving in cold weather.
  • Do not leave your car if stranded, it is your best protection. Do not panic, an idling car only uses an average of one gallon of gas per hour.
  • Roll down a window for a small amount of fresh air.
  • Make sure the car's exhaust pip is not blocked to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • At night, leave your dome light on.
  • Always have your cell phone and a charger so you can call and let us know where you're located.

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