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Can money buy happiness?

(FOX19 NOW/Megan O'Rourke) (FOX19 NOW/Megan O'Rourke)

The Powerball machine inside Deters and Daughter's in Fort Mitchell hasn't stopped spitting out tickets since the jackpot climbed from $1.4 billion to $1.5 billion overnight.

A lot of cash that could change a lot of lives when it’s drawn Wednesday night. However, if you think the money would mean instant happiness, think again.

Dr. Larry Boehm, a psychology professor at Thomas More College, has spent years studying the relationship between large sums of money and life satisfaction and happiness.

"For most Americans, people who were just in the middle income range, the changes produce very small increases in happiness and satisfaction," says Dr. Boehm.

Dr. Boehm said the only exception is with people living in poverty. Otherwise, he tells FOX19 NOW that more money usually just means more problems and that happiness comes from other sources, like your relationships with family and friends and a meaningful job that's engaging and uses your skills.

He also says those actively involved in religion and with extroverted personalities are often overall happier people.

So, if you're looking for life happiness look elsewhere, because you won't be winning it on Wednesday.

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