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LaRosa's Pizza driver saves woman's life

(PHOTO: Facebook/ Lisa Ann Lucas) (PHOTO: Facebook/ Lisa Ann Lucas)

A 75 year-old Bridgetown woman's decision to order pizza Sunday night, may have saved her life. LaRosa's driver, Alex Murray, was out delivering the pies when he was sent to her Leeside Trail home. 
Murray said he got out of his car and started to make his way up the icy driveway, when he heard the call for help. 
"I heard a faint voice saying 'Help, is that the LaRosa's guy? Is that the pizza guy?' I wasn't sure what it was," explained Murray. 

He said he went in the open garage to investigate and that's when he found the homeowner lying on the cold ground. 
According to a Facebook post by her children, she had fallen while taking out the trash and had broken her leg. She'd been lying in the cold for nearly 40 minutes when Alex found her. 

He called 911 and even stayed until the ambulance arrived. 

The woman's family posted a picture of her at Mercy West. They say Alex saved her life. 

"It was just lucky timing for her and me," said Murray. "She needed help and I just happened to be the one to walk by." 

Murray is a humble hero who is now getting well-deserved recognition. On Thursday, LaRosa's honored their employee with a gift card and other goodies. 

"You've been acting like it's no big deal, like anybody would do it and that sort of thing. There's an awful lot of people in today's world that just kind of step over people sometimes," said CEO Michael LaRosa. "They don't pay attention to what's going on around them and your behavior is really what working here is all about." 

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