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Family remembers victim lost in Hopple Street Overpass collapse

Brandon Carl (File) Brandon Carl (File)

Tuesday marks one year since the Hopple Street Overpass collapsed on Interstate 75, killing one person and creating a massive cleanup effort.

Family members who lost their loved one, Brandon Carl, say even though time has passed, their wounds have not healed.

Carl, 35, of Augusta, Kentucky, died Jan. 19 when the Hopple Street overpass collapsed as work crews prepared it for demolition.

The Carl family is said they're still hurting because the loss of Brandon was so big.

"We miss him we miss his presence," said Kimberly Wenzel, Carl's Sister.

Kimberly says she worries most for her parents.

Brandon lived across the street from his parent's home and she said she catches her mother sometimes looking for him.

"I know she looks for him because she'll look out her window and expect to see him and he's not there," Wenzel said.

And what's also not there are his hugs.

"He gave the best hugs. We've talked about that over and over how he just gave these big bear hugs and there's just nothing like it," Wenzel said.

Wenzel adds prayer is what gets her through the tough times, but her mind still thinks of the impossible.

"You know that he's not coming back, but at the same time there's a part of you that just... you wish. You wish he could still be there," Wenzel said.

Lawsuits between Carl's family and the city are moving forward with a hearing scheduled for next month.

His estate is also suing two engineers who worked on the project.

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