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A local store prepares for snow rush

(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Frankie Jupiter) (PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/ Frankie Jupiter)

Mark Ziegler is the store co-director at Remke Market in Hyde Park. He and his team is making sure that items like milk and bread don't completely sell out. This also includes reaching out to vendors for extra products. 

In a meeting, the store finds out the department’s needs, which include ground beef. 

"We'll have more out, we'll have more backed up in the meat cooler," said Ziegler. "They will monitor throughout the day to see what they're needs are.” 

Though some grocery items may not be on internet memes, that doesn't mean that they're not being watched. If kids are expected to have a snow day, the store has to stay stocked up. 

"Things like the cereal aisle, snack bar, breakfast bar; those type of things are very easy for the kids to take care of,” said Ziegler. 

With foot traffic that could increase by 50 percent, the store has to make sure that the lines keep moving. 

"That typically will be on the front in, cashiers, baggers, and then again your perishable departments that would need the additional support,” said Ziegler. 

It's the support needed for anticipated very busy day. 

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