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District stands by policy after kids kept outside in the cold before school

(PHOTO: Facebook/ Rob Taylor) (PHOTO: Facebook/ Rob Taylor)

The frigid temperatures are making it almost unbearable to spend any length of time outside. That is why one Norwood man says he became upset when he saw kids waiting in the cold, to get inside their school. 
Rob Taylor said he was dropping his niece off at school at Williams Avenue Elementary when he noticed a small group of kids outside. He grabbed his cell phone and recorded the incident. 

"It's 8:05 a.m. and we are at Williams Elementary School and they won't let these kids in the school because it's not policy to let kids in the school," said Taylor. 

Taylor then confronts the school’s principal at the door and is heard asking why they kids can’t coming in and sit on the steps. 

"Because I don't have anybody here to watch them,” said the principal. “The board policy, the building policy, is 8:10." 
Taylor posted the video to our FOX19 NOW Facebook page. 

It has a lot of conversation in the community, especially among parents. 
“I think it's ridiculous,” said Brandy Johnson. “Parents have to work and these kids are in the cold. You've got to let them in. There's somebody there at the school, a teacher or somebody that could sit in the media center or the gym, as opposed to standing outside and freezing." 
However, Norwood City School’s Superintedent Rob Amodio told FOX19 NOW he stands by his principal. "I think Mr. Gabbard handled that appropriately, he began to communicate what the school policy is about and when our children are allowed in the buildings." 
The Superintendent went on to say student safety is what's more important, so in the future they will continue to do better at communicating arrival times. However, as far as changing policy, there are no plans. 
"Really the issue is, in a perfect world, schools would be open 24 hours a day,” added Amodio. “We have a great emphasis on keeping our students safe, warm and dry once they are in buildings, but we just can't let students into the building when we do not have the staff. It creates tremendous liability issues." 

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