President Bush Signs Bill In Schiavo Case

Brain-Damaged Woman: Congress President Bush signs emergency bill in Terri Schiavo case

President Bush has signed legislation allowing a federal review of Terri Schiavo's right-to-die case. Bush signed the measure early Monday, minutes after the House passed it on a 203-to-58 vote.

The Senate approved the bill by a voice vote Sunday. The president issued a statement saying, "our courts should have a presumption in favor of life," in cases where there are still "serious questions and substantial doubts." He flew to Washington from his Texas ranch to sign the bill.

Schiavo's parents want a federal judge to allow the reinsertion of a feeding tube to prolong their daughter's life. It was removed by court order Friday.

The president's brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, is praising Congress' action, saying government has "a duty to protect the weak, disabled and vulnerable."

Many Democrats who opposed the bill say the congressional vote placed lawmakers in the middle of issues best left to state courts and family members.