U.S. Bank pays it forward to random customers

Paying it forward (VIDEO)
(Photo: FOX19 NOW/Shawn Lanier)
(Photo: FOX19 NOW/Shawn Lanier)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - U.S. Bank wanted to pay it forward to random customers throughout the Tri-State Tuesday.

"Today we want to let everybody know that you're lunch and your tab is on us," said Michael Howard, of U.S. Bank.

At Pho Lang Thang in Findlay Market, U.S. Bank picked up everyone's tab, which shocked a few customers.

"I didn't know what was going on. It was definitely a good surprise," Antonia Susarret said.

Deandre Miller said she was pleasantly surprised about it.

"I brought the whole family with me. So I definitely expect it to get it taken care of and I'm greatly appreciative for it," Miller said.

But paying if forward didn't stop there for U.S. Bank.

They went to four other locations including Carabello Coffee, Small's Hardware, Dr. Luke Fullencamp, and One Sweet Salon.

Through U.S. Bank's story of paying it forward, other people told their stories about them doing the same when given the opportunity.

"Every time we go out to eat, whatever we don't finish, we go and give it away to someone homeless on the street or someone standing out," Miller said.

U.S. Bank said this was simply a way for them to thank their customers and the community of Cincinnati.

No word if or when they planning this again.

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