Miami University Police see spike in EMS runs on first night of classes

Miami University sees spike in EMS runs (VIDEO)
(FOX19 NOW/Mike Schell)
(FOX19 NOW/Mike Schell)

OXFORD, OH (FOX19) - Police say they saw a big spike in ambulance calls for underage drinking, drugs and fighting at Miami University Monday night.

"Oxford, you know, it's a party no matter what day it is. You'll always finding people having fun," said Ben Vandertill, a junior at Miami.

Miami University police captain Ben Spilman said Monday night was the first time students returned to campus from a month-long winter term layoff.

"I think people are just, you know, eager to get back with all their friends, back with their organizations so they probably hit the town," Vandertill said.

During the first week back, students show up to class and get an outline of the curriculum ahead of them.

"People use the excuse of syllabus week. Kind of say, homework hasn't started yet so we can go out, stay out a little later, before classes really start to pick up," Vandertill told FOX19 NOW.

But some of the students did have run-ins with the police Monday night.

"I guess I'm not terribly surprised that on the first night of classes back to school, after everyone's been away for a month that we'd be a little busy in the evening," said Capt. Spilman.

According to police, there were several calls for underage consumption, fighting, drug possession, and one female student was rushed to the hospital after police say she ingested a marijuana edible.

"You just hope people can be smart, you know. I mean, this is college, people love to let loose and have a good time," Vandertill said.

Vandertill said one solution to drinking irresponsibly is through education and making sure students know the dangers.

"I think the school does a good job with that," Vandertill said to FOX19 NOW.

Miami University police said they're already preparing for the weekend.

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