'Heroin pill' may have creeped into Boone County

Heroin pills in NKY (VIDEO)

BOONE COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Heroin in the form of a pill may have creeped up in Northern Kentucky once again.

This month, a man in Boone County was found overdosed with six capsules believed to be laced with Heroin according to the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force.

The last time any type of "heroin pill" was found in the area was in March along Ann Street in Newport.

One of the people arrested was David Sizemore, who's doing federal time in West Virginia at a minimum security federal prison. Task Force undercover agents had bought 15 pills, which looked like Percocet but were later found to be heroin.

Sizemore's home would be raided and police confiscated nearly 300 pills with 59 of them the so called "heroin pill."

Newport Police Chief Tom Collins said these types of pills are hard for police to detect.

"The advantage of pills over heroin is that it's easier to take. You don't have all the tools and apparatus that you have with heroin," Collins said.

The pills are easy to hide as they appear to be anything, but what potential buyers may think they are.

In the Sizemore case, the confidential informant went to buy Percocet and spent about $150 dollars on 15, according to the plea agreement reached in federal court.

That, Collins explains is part of the problem.

"You don't know how much heroin or Percocet is going in per pill. So I think the antidote here is for disaster," Collins said.

The attorney general in Indiana is concerned that access to the pills would be easier that heroin.

He was interviewed by Louisville's WAVE-TV. "All of them would rather have a pill and that's why they're starting to see these creep into some of the markets," said Greg Zoeller.

WAVE reports that the pills have popped up in states like Massachusetts, and Florida. A quick google search shows the pills have also been found in New Jersey.

Thomas Synan, head of the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force said no cases have been found in the Cincinnati area, but is aware of the situation.

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