NFL tosses 29 Golden Footballs to local high schools

NFL tosses 29 Golden Footballs to local high schools

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The NFL is celebrating a golden year with an Honor Roll campaign recognizing schools that contributed to the Super Bowl's 50-year history.

29 golden football statues will be presented to local schools in the name of every player who graduated from the school and was on an active Super Bowl roster.

The Wilson Golden Footballs feature the school's name, honoree's name and the Super Bowl(s) the honoree appeared in.

Ohio schools will receive 155 golden footballs – the fourth highest state behind Florida, Texas and California.

Here is a list of local players who have made it to the Super Bowl, according to a database from the NFL:


Purcell Marian 

Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys – Super Bowl V, VI, X, XII, XIII

Terry Killens, Tennessee Titans – Super Bowl XXIV

Aiken High School 

Dixon Edwards, Dallas Cowboys - Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, XXX

Jim O'Brien, Baltimore Colts - Super Bowl V

Moeller High School

Steve Sylvester, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders – Super Bowl XI, XV, XVIII

Greg Jones, Giants - XLVI

Western Hills High School 

Jack Reynolds, St. Louis Rams/San Francisco 49ers – Super Bowl XIV, XVI, XIX

Hamilton Taft High School, Hamilton , Ohio – 3 Super Bowls

Dave Stalls, Dallas Cowboys (twice)/Oakland Raiders – Super Bowl XII, XIII, XVIII

LaSalle High School 

Don Hasselbeck, Oakland Raiders – Super Bowl XVIII

Garrett Celek, San Francisco 49ers – Super Bowl XLVII

St. Xavier High School 

Pat Ross, Arizona Cardinals – XLIII

Rocky Boiman, Indianapolis Colts – XLI

Woodward Career Technical High School 

Ike Reese, Philadelphia Eagles – Super Bowl XXXIX

John Jackson, Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl XXX

Springboro High School 

Brad Lamb, Buffalo Bills – Super Bowl XXVII

Jake Ballard, New York Giants – Super Bowl XLVI

Hughes High School 

Andre Frazier, Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl XLIII

Mount Healthy High School 

Diyral Briggs, Green Bay Packers – XLV

Sycamore High School 

Michael Matthews, New York Giants – XLII

Taylor High School, Cleves, Ohio 

Dana Stubblefield, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX

Mason High School 

Josh Kline, New England Patriots – Super Bowl XLIX

Middletown High School 

John Holland, Minnesota Vikings – Super Bowl IX

Milford High School 

Zach Strief, New Orleans Saints – Super Bowl XLIV

Norwood High School 

Marc Edwards, New England Patriots – Super Bowl XXXVI

Lakota High School 

Troy Evans, New Orleans Saints – Super Bowl XLIV


Dixie Heights High School

Mark Pike, Buffalo Bills - Super Bowl XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII

Boone County High School 

Shaun Alexander, Seahawks – Super Bowl XL

Irv Goode, Dolphins – Super Bowl VIII

Highlands High School 

Marty Moore, Patriots – Super Bowl XXXI

Jared Lorenzen, Giants – Super Bowl XLII

Boone County High School, former home to Shaun Alexander and Irv Goode, has applied for the NFL's $5,000 grant that accompanies the golden football. The money would be used to support and grow the Rebels' football program. Winners will be announced Super Bowl Sunday.

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