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Clooney to the rescue: Adopts dog no one wanted

Nate (PHOTO: Facebook/ LuvFurMutts) Nate (PHOTO: Facebook/ LuvFurMutts)
(PHOTO: Facebook/ LuvFurMutts) (PHOTO: Facebook/ LuvFurMutts)
Nate (PHOTO: Facebook/ LuvFurMutts & Flickr/Courtney) Nate (PHOTO: Facebook/ LuvFurMutts & Flickr/Courtney)

A Cincinnati-area animal rescue shelter is praising George Clooney for coming to the rescue to take in a dog that seemingly no one would adopt. 

Nate was brought in by LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue after after he was recovered from a hoarding case involving 22 dogs, according the to the rescue's Facebook page

The Terrier was born with a barrel chest and a leg defect, turning many adopters away. Nate was with the rescue for nine months.

"The lowest point came when an adopter cried when she met him and said she would be depressed the rest of her life if she had to look at him every day," LuvFurMutts posted on its Facebook page.

Nate's luck changed over the Holiday season when Clooney caught a glimpse of the dog on YouTube. LuvFurMutts said Clooney wanted to adopt the dog for his parents, Nick and Nina. 

After showing his parents video of Nate on YouTube, George asked his dad about Nate's leg condition. 

"I guess it sounds like he gets around just as good as we do anymore," Nick told his son.

Clooney's parents had recently lost their terrier of 10 years and George thought it was the right time to add Nate to the Clooney family. 

George, through his assistant, arranged to have Nate delivered to his parents on Christmas Eve, according to the Rescue. 

"It's truly a fairytale ending for Prince Nate... or should we say...a perfect Hollywood movie ending," the rescue wrote about Nate's adoption to the Clooneys.

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