Consider This: School Board Perks

Consider This: School Board Perks

FOX19 - Health insurance is an important benefit of any job. And if we are lucky enough to have it, most of us pay a big chunk of the cost.

But a school board in Switzerland County, Indiana thinks it should get mostly free health care.  And we think this is right out of the "You've got to be kidding me" file!

Three school board members recently challenged the perk.  But, the board voted to once again pay for health, dental and vision insurance coverage -- for one dollar per year per board member. The three that opposed it, do not take the perk.

So how much is it costing taxpayers?  Records show that since 2011, the district has spent almost  $486,000 on health benefits for those four board members.  A nice perk—for part-time positions!

Kudos to board member, Joe Bennett, who's the first Switzerland County School Board member on record to actually try to end the perk. If he had won, it would have freed up $30,000 to $80,000 per year in taxpayer money.

Consider this.

This is a school board—where the focus should be on children and teachers, NOT unreasonable benefits for the school board members.

We think it's time the taxpayers of Switzerland County take a look at this school board at election time.   And, at the very least, school board members should pay the same price for health insurance as their teachers!

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