UCPD investigating panty thief on campus

UCPD investigating potential panty thief

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - The University of Cincinnati Police Department is investigating into the possibility of a panty thief on campus.

Four women have complained about their clothes being stolen in campus laundry rooms in Clifton, a police report shows.

One of the alleged victims told FOX19 NOW Wednesday about 10 pairs of underwear were stolen from her laundry.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said other victims that she has talked to have had at least 10 to 15 pairs stolen in the last couple of weeks.

Earlier this week, a resident assistant of Daniels Hall sent an email to students living in the dorm.

"Over the past few weeks we have had numerous resident informing us that they have had their laundry stolen," the RA wrote. "If you notice any laundry missing or have seen any laundry being stolen please stop by my room or text me and let me know! Please don't brush it off and not mention it to me if this has happened to you!"

Police have not released any potential suspects at this time.

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